Matt Bostock

Vice President

The Field Club of Greenwich

Tennis Pro Search brings absolute professionalism and deep insight to the process of finding top flight racquet professionals. We worked intimately with Mark to outline the search process, define objectives, communicate with membership, source an outstanding pool of candidates and guide us through the interview process. Additionally, the firm’s understanding of the marketplace and important compensation considerations allowed us to create a compelling overall compensation package for our top candidate. 


With the help of Tennis Pro Search, we moved swiftly through a complicated process and achieved our exact desired search result all the while keeping the work fun and interesting – for our next racquet professional search, our first call will be to Tennis Pro Search.

Warren Burdock

General Manager

Wee Burn Country Club

Patricio Misitrano has all the qualities one could ask for in a qualified professional. He is smart, diligent, hard-working, a quality teacher, and an excellent communicator.

Patricio consistently has the best interest of our membership at heart. Despite being one of the most qualified professionals I know, he is constantly learning and he never stops looking to further his knowledge and education. 

Perhaps, most important of all, as a General Manager, I never have to be concerned that anything will "fall through the cracks" or be of concern. He is always on his "A Game."

Paul Gustafson

General Manager

Woodhill Country Club

It was a pleasure working with Patricio. He did an excellent job of laying out the process, working with us during the process, and being a valued partner with who we could exchange ideas and thoughts.  His point of view was always insightful, thoughtful and helpful. Even on the smaller details, like arranging transportation for our final candidates, he did an excellent job and saved me a lot of time and hassle. He is very knowledgeable in the field and has a lot of common sense, but is also a strategic thinker. This combination is rare and was very valuable to use throughout the search process.  I would recommend him highly.

Lisa McGowan


Century Country Club

There are not enough superlatives to describe what an outstanding job Mark Parsons at Tennis Pro Search did to help Century Country Club find a new Director of Racquets. Mark is thorough, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. He is detail oriented, energetic and knowledgeable.


Mark listened to exactly what our search committee had to say and helped to swiftly guide us through a comprehensive national search of finding a Director of Racquets that is a perfect fit for Century both on and off the courts. I wholeheartedly believe Mark would be an asset to any search committee looking for a rackets professional.

Jeffrey D. Champion

General Manager/COO

Weston Field Club

Working with Patricio and Mark was amazing, they turned a major challenge into a solved problem for us! Just eight weeks away from opening our courts and we found ourselves in the position of needing a new director. 


Patricio and Mark set an aggressive schedule for us to follow, we had an abundance of applicants to choose from, met our deadline, and couldn't be happier with the entire process.

Both Patricio and Mark are extremely professional, quick to respond, insightful and worked with me and our search committee every step of the way. I highly recommend Tennis Pro Search for filling your next vacancy, you will be very pleased!

Wes Huang

Chairman of Search Committee

Orienta Beach Club

Patricio and Mark were instrumental in Orienta Beach Club’s search for their new Director of Racquets. Their value during the process extended far beyond simply managing and screening candidates. Prior to formally launching the search, they provided advice that was critical in the Board’s evaluation of the cost/benefit of moving to a year-round Director position. Just as importantly, they reviewed Orienta’s compensation structure, the scope of its programs and potential for growth in advising the club on overall competitiveness with peer clubs and the types of candidates we could expect. 

Frankly, it's hard to imagine Orienta having gone through this process without their help

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